I Awake soaked at 5:30 and go and sleep in the car.
    Back in the press vehicles now.

    47 autos and 8 motorcycles leave for the 400 mile trip through the desert to La Serena . Only about 25 or so of the cars are still officially in the race.

    The winning biker crashes and breaks his collarbone. Not much one can do for collarbones but tape oneself up. He is riding again within 45 minutes.

The desert, where we have been in more or less for the last 3000 miles finally ends at La Serena. Pine trees and bright autumn colors and freshly harvested vineyards abound below the snow capped Andes.

La Serena's location is 30*S 71*W. Civilization at last. People are dressed in the latest autumn fashions from Europe, a season ahead actually since it's only spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

La Serena embodies it's name beautifully. It is evocative of Southern California before it was malled over. Wide beaches, great waves, the smell of pines and great towering snow capped Andes in the near distance.

    The snow is starting to fall heavily in the mountains now. We'll be crossing in two days.