Sunday, May 1.

Although we had risen at 5 for the 6:30 starting time, we didn't get going till 8 o clock. Perhaps the officials slept in after the big party last night. The primes (fast sprints of 100 km or so ) lead us out of the last (dry)jungles that we'll see on this adventure. The Rallye heads up into interesting Andean areas.Though it was Sunday, the churches were empty.We soon saw why. This was Shining Path - Sendero Luminoso territory. A church full of women and children had been firebombed only a few weeks before; the evil Maoists trying to stamp out the opiate of the masses, though they had no qualms about trafficking in coca to finance their operations, as well as taking money from worldwide Communist organizations including leftist groups in the United States. The descendants of the noble Incas were caught up in a global proxy war. The very word"Sendero" was enough to create instant terror for the unfortunate Indians.