A bright Andean sunrise awakens me about 6 AM. Peru may be dirty and poor, but it's incredibly beautiful. Ice crystals covering the grass glow orange, and in the distance are 20,000 foot snow capped peaks.

Since we missed Trujillo and the Toyota is now officially out of the race, we must make Lima by tonight.Lima is at least 500 miles away. We still don't really have any idea of where we really are.

Around 8, we coast into another village where they actually have petrol for sale. Our 70 gallons had run out. The gas is hand pumped from barrels
into plastic buckets. Kids then climb up on the roof, cigarettes hanging from their mouths, as they pour through a funnel into the top spare tank. Now we have gas and directions : simply head down the mountains to the Ocean, in the direction away from the Sun.