A morning exploration of the old Spanish city, where cool mists envelop the 400 year old churches and baroque buildings. The weather in Quito is the same every day of the year, as is the length of day,exactly 12 hours.

The sun always breaks through about11.Late afternoon brings a ten minute shower. The nights are sparkling clear. The temperature never goes above 70 or below 45. At poolside it takes only minutes to tan with the sun directly overhead and two miles closer than at sea level.

Breakfast 2 eggs with roast potatoes a few tasty
sausages,corn, coffee AND a Coca Cola. Cost: 34c .

A change of US $ 100 at the bank nets 50,000 sucres.
The highest denomination is 1000, about $ 2.

    It is like carrying around a load of monopoly money. With everything so dirt cheap, it's hard to get rid of.