Customs doesn't take too long. The landscape
changes immediately after the border.
High rocky desert under crystal clear skies.
The population is mainly Indian, almost no
Spanish blood. Nor is Spanish spoken, the language is Quechua. Road is nice gravel with medium grades.

4:35 PM 0*25' N A petrol stop reveals shockingly
low prices, even for way back in 1988. Gas is 25c
a gallon,a Coke is 8 cents and a frosty cold lager
only 15 cents. About the same as the USA in 1940!
At 4:55. THE EQUATOR Just to the north of Quito. The Rallye passes from Spring to Autumn.

We roll down into Quito, elevation about 12,000. Latitude 0*09' 00" S. The Quito Intercontinental is only $12 a night. The Committee announces a holiday for the next day,in order to perform much needed repairs.