A day to chill out. Spent the morning surfing.Excellent South Pacific waves, though the Humboldt Current floating up from Antartica makes things a little chilly. Lima is nothing special.No parts for cars due to import restrictions. For example there is an $800 duty to get tires out of the customs impounding lot. The racers just let them sit even though shipping had been paid from the States. The local black market is able to supply lightly used tires for far less.

    There are some nice cathedrals and government
    palaces in the Centro. Outside the city the slums
    are amongst the worst I've ever seen until I went to India a couple of years later. Houses consist of
    four walls and no roofs. It almost never rains
    in Lima so they don't see the point. However
    it is early May and winter is approaching .
    Already the nights are cold and damp causing
    whole families complete with mangy dogs to
    sleep huddled around the fire. Many of these
    Indians are refugees from the Shining Path war
    in the mountains. They're considered lucky
    because they're at least not sleeping in the streets.