We get on the road while it's still dark. Very little
fanfare for the morning starts now. It's really gotten
to be routine after weeks on the road. The skies clear
but the roads are still muddy. The Rallye now turns
north from the banks of the Rio Colorado, towards
Bahia Blanca, a Pampas town that serves as a large
shipping port where agricultural products are shipped
out all over the world.

Mid afternoon finds us having nice hot showers at
the Hotel Austral. My room overlooks a nice town
square, with the autumn leaves beginning to fall.
We are the furthest south of the trip. Latitude 39*
South , Longitude 63 West, almost the equivalent
New York in the Northern Hemisphere. Actually
along the Colorado we had been at 40* South, the
beginning of Patagonia. It is amazing how much
Argentina is like America, like a parallel universe.

In less than three days we've gone from the Pacific
the shores of the South Atlantic Ocean.