This morning' s International Miami Herald features a rear view shot of the tragedy on the way to Cucuta. The picture does not show the gore and severed heads,though the publicity will bring even more crowds to the roadsides.

Sunday morning and the roads are nice and quiet getting out of town. We actually leave on time for the first time. The air is sparkling clear. Without pollution, Bogata definitely looks like La Ciudad de Primavera Eterna, the City of Eternal Spring.

In the second hour out of the capital, we drop
7000 feet (the press Monteros are equipped
with altimeters) back into the hot humid
valleys and jungles with scenery straight out
of Romancing the Stone

Many Colombian towns are quite modern.
Others are lost in time.Our destination
today is Popayan, last stop in Colombia.Today
is also our last full day in the Northern Hemisphere.