DAY EIGHTEEN CONTINUED...........................

In this area there are no Caribineri. I turn on the CB radio "Mayday! Mayday!", I say, "Ayudanos! Ayudanos!" No answer. We arrive in Ollague about 2. PM to crowds of kids, excited at our arrival and even more so at the sight of blood and bone.

We're going to be here a while, so I check out the village, highest in the world. Very blue very cold sky. Temperature is about 45* and it's very windy. Kind of like being at an Antarctic station. The kids are great. I give them English lessons, days of week and basic pleasantries. I leave my business card as I always do at far flung corners of the earth.

There is a small first aid station in the village, but they can't do too much except clean the wounds a little. The Chilean Airforce is alerted by radio.

Around 4:30 we drive to an airstrip about 10 miles away. A long dirt runway, probably about a mile. Because of the lack of oxygen the engine needs extra time to go off, just as we need to open up our carburetors. A Chilean Air Force Twin Otter lands after 2 tries. The unfortunate mechanic is bundled on a stretcher with tons of blankets as he is very cold. The plane takes off for Antofagasta down on the coast where he was later operated on, and then flown home the next day via Santiago to Detroit.